Introduction To The Advantages Of Pex Fittings Plastic

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The heating method that many families choose-"floor heating". Installing floor heating can be said to be a very common thing. Today, the PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturer will give you a detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of a floor heating, in order to be able to buy floor heating It’s time to be aware of it, so don’t hurry up and see.

The advantages of    floor heating:

   1. High energy saving efficiency and good thermal stability. The temperature of floor heating is bottom-up, but the heat will penetrate below. This temperature can also be adjusted. Compared with other heating methods, it can effectively save energy. At the same time, there is a layer between the floor heating and the floor. The concrete allows the heat to radiate very stably and can last for a long time.

  2. Long service life, the floor heating PERT pipes are buried underground, with good stability, no corrosion, unmanned destruction, long service life, and saving maintenance and replacement costs.

  3. Healthy and comfortable, because the floor heating makes the indoor surface temperature uniform, giving people a comfortable feeling of warming the feet and cooling the head, improving blood circulation, and promoting metabolism. And it is not easy to cause dirty air convection, so that the indoor air is clean.

  4. To beautify the room, without installing radiators and pipes in the room, you can free up more space to facilitate decoration and home furnishing, and reduce sanitary blind spots.

Disadvantages of    floor heating:

  1. Occupy a certain floor height: Floor heating needs to occupy a floor height of about 3-8 cm. However, considering the ground decoration, the impact is not significant. For example, sometimes in order to bury water pipes and heating pipes under the floor, it is also necessary to bury the floor. The height of the structural layer is 4-6 cm, and this space can be used to install floor heating.
  2. It does not support the laying of solid wood flooring: as the floor heating will reach a certain temperature, the wooden floor will be dry and cracked. Generally speaking, composite floors and floor tiles are more suitable for floor heating, and the temperature should not be set too high. That's it. If your apartment size is large, you can lay laminate flooring in the bedroom, and choose floor tiles in public areas such as the living room and dining room. The heating effect will be better when mixed and matched.

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