The safety of passenger elevators is very important

What are the common faults of the electrical control system of passenger elevators?


What are the common faults of the electrical control system of passenger elevators? Here is a brief introduction:

1. From the perspective of the scope of elevator electrical faults, the most common ones are caused by door machine system faults and poor contact of electrical components. The main reasons for the failure of the door machine system and electrical components are the quality of the components and the quality of maintenance.

2. From the perspective of the nature of electrical faults, there are mainly two types of short circuit and open circuit.

The short circuit is due to some reason, the circuit that should not be connected is connected or the resistance in the circuit is very small after it is connected. Common causes of short-circuit failures in elevators include mechanical and electronic interlock failures of the directional contactor or relay, which may cause the contactor or relay to snap action and cause a short circuit; when the main contact of the contactor is turned on or off, the insulation material of the electrical component is aging and damp Cause a short circuit; due to external reasons, the insulation damage of electrical components and the intrusion of external materials cause a short circuit.

The basis for judging the failure of the passenger elevator electrical control system is the elevator control principle:

Therefore, to quickly troubleshoot faults, you must master the circuit schematic diagram of the regional control system, and understand the working principles of the entire process of the elevator from orientation, acceleration, full speed operation, speed change, and door opening and closing. Before judging the elevator electrical control failure, you must A thorough understanding of the fault phenomenon can quickly and accurately analyze and determine the cause of the fault and find the fault point based on the circuit diagram and the fault phenomenon.

For houses that have not been renovated, you can reserve the elevator installation location according to the elevator brand you choose. For houses that have been renovated, choose the appropriate size and installation location to avoid a large amount of civil construction. range. Whether the selected home elevator can match the existing home elevator, the brand of home elevator can be customized according to the customer's home environment.

Elevators need to be used for a long time and the repairs and maintenance after installation need to be supported by a strong after-sales service team.

Faced with the question of which passenger elevator is better, does the installation of the elevator solve my own needs, does the installation add beauty to the villa, whether the family’s use is safe and comfortable, and whether it can be guaranteed is to help myself in the selection process. The key to home elevator brands.

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