Will Animal Crossing Have Any NEW Events In 2021

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With the initial anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons just around the corner, players have experienced the opportunity to experience the full year's events of seasonal and special occasions that are already released in free updates. While some events didn't do together with others, each gave players new DIY recipes and themed decorations. Here are some events that may be updated during 2021.

There already are a few exciting events that are lined up for players to take a look forward to inside the coming months. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will likely partner with Super Mario to complete a crossover event beginning March 1st. For fans of both games to celebrate Super Mario's 35th-anniversary milestone, plus it comes with adorable outfits and decorations for Animal Crossing islands.

Animal Crossing's players will celebrate the same clover day as St. Patrick's Day on March 17, 2020. Fans will start buying Animal Crossing Bells and costumes from March 10 to ensure they can wait for their event to start and decorate their island. Although the developers have not yet fully provided players with specific dates for Clover Day, spring will usher in overtime.

While nothing has been confirmed for that Animal Crossing: New Horizons calendar at night end of March for 2021, there are many holidays players might even see from past games that may make reappearances, along with potential new events that are certainly unique to New Horizons. Events from New Leaf, like Obon or Tree Day, could possibly be added to this list for 2021, several of New Leaf's events have been put into New Horizons already.

There are a couple of events that players may prefer to see a lesser amount of during 2021. Last year, Animal Crossing's Bunny Day would have been a frustrating disappointment for most, especially as it was the 1st big event after New Horizons released. Players experienced an onslaught of elemental eggs, an aggressive Bunny Day mascot, and a meeting that dragged on for 12 days. Because of this, players may wish to see Bunny Day reimagined this coming year.

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