Powervolt Can Save Your Many Dollars !

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PowerVolt Energy Saver Reviews

PowerVolt Energy Saver

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Powervolt Energy Reviews: This drops to 1.1 watts when in sleep mode, half what the Philips monitor uses in the same mode. Assuming it is used for 10 hours every business day and power costs 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, the AOC should cost an estimated $8.30 to use per year. That makes it the cheapest of the three to use if only about $2 a year less than the Philips monitor. The AOC consumed 27.5 watts when being used, a little more than the Dell display's power profile. Unlike the others, when the AOC screen goes to sleep, it uses no discernible power, compared to 1.1 watts and 2.1 watts for the Dell and Philips displays, respectively.

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