Madden 20 Tighten up that defensive son

When Madden NFL 20 is enabled, franchise fans will soon learn that the core game experience is still firmly grasped.In fact, passing and running are almost identical to Madden NFL 19.Of course, you will notice some new animations, especially when running, but the core mechanisms of passing

Admittedly, when it comes to Madden NFL 20, I feel very painful.On the one hand, I enjoy it very much.Game play is smooth, delivery is excellent, animation is impressive, and MUT is as addictive as ever.It's hard for me to put down the controller.On the other hand, there are few truly innovative ways this year.It feels and acts almost the same as Madden NFL 19.I am very frustrated because EA Tiburon's development team used it too safely this year.Maybe we just met the hardware limitations of this generation of consoles.Perhaps there is no room for any major improvement.Either way, I think I've been to this dance before.

Full disclosure.Over the past 13 years, I have reviewed almost all Madden games.I have a good grasp of what Madden's enthusiastic development team has done year after year in their beloved NFL game.They care about their communities and fans.They listen most of the time.Admittedly.So I know it's all about perfecting the already rock-solid NFL experience.But usually, in addition to the usual game adjustments, animation upgrades and adjustments, we will also see some significant innovations.However, this year Madden NFL 20 is only an incremental upgrade.I am confident that the product line is in the best shape ever, but we will not see any breakthroughs in this generation of games.

Tighten up that defensive son

When Madden NFL 20 is enabled, franchise fans will soon learn that the core game experience is still firmly grasped.In fact, passing and running are almost identical to Madden NFL 19.Of course, you will notice some new animations, especially when running, but the core mechanisms of passing and running have not changed.In terms of defense, the situation is similar.Admittedly, developers need to strengthen their defenses slightly because the coverage of people and areas is not as effective as last year, but from a control point of view, I take over from where I stopped.

The most important new feature this year is Superstar X-Factors.The purpose of this new feature is to show the top stars of NFL.Fifty Pro-Bowl calibre players were identified as factor X players and more players may be added throughout the season.NFL players like Patrick Maholmes, Bobby Wagner and Aron Donald can greatly influence the outcome of any game. Madden ratings do not always capture something invisible from these studs.When these giant stars arrive in an area, they look incredible.As a result, Madden's factor X attempted to encapsulate something that made these players so incredible and succeeded.

As a sea hawk fan, naturally, I bought Bobby Wagner from MUT's auction house and immediately added him to my squad.After several shovels, Bobby's factor X was triggered and I immediately noticed that he was using almost every shovel in the next drive.He does not necessarily feel overpowered, but for some time he has been a powerful force on the court, smashing players and knocking down the pass.That's cool.Similarly, when I used Rogers in exhibition games, his movements were not faster or heavier, but his passing was accurate.Rodgers X-Factor plays an important role in some of these touch score drivers.

I will give credit in the amount of madden coins I deserve, and X-Factors are a reliable supplement.Madden NFL 20 does a good job of capturing some of the magic we see in NFL every week.To be sure, over the years, we have seen a similar upsurge in more arcade sports games, with NBA Jam surfacing, but the X element has reached an appropriate balance because it is not too absurd or clumsy.

I may be a minority, but I am disappointed that Madden's story model, Longshot, disappeared.I like those 6-hour stories.This is a perfect breakthrough from Madden's conventional model and a clever way to present behind-the-scenes stories to fans, although it's both silly and interesting.Instead, Longshot has been replaced by a more traditional career model (called a "franchise face"), which focuses more on game play and your experience with players.Here you will create a college player and have the opportunity to choose one of the 10 available NCAA schools.After an unfortunate turn in the early stages of our quarterback's NCAA career, our heroes have to fight some opponents to get them into the NFL.

Where is the beef?

Face of the Franchise uses the Scenario Engine to generate a variety of playful scenarios, events, and challenges.Therefore, no two professions should play the same role and have multiple outcomes.It's nice to see a return to the traditional career model, and I appreciate the storytelling elements of the story, but it's really a little creepy compared to the other EA Sports career models we've seen in other sports franchises.And this story just lacks some of Langshaw's personality.

Vigorous American Rugby 20

MUT and franchise models returned again and gained some enhancements here and there.You hardly notice any change unless you are a faithful advocate of these patterns.However, MUT does work well and allows you to meet challenges quickly.Nevertheless, MUTs are still as dirty as before, allowing the first Elite player to either spend some of your real money to buy cheap mut coins or spend some time playing games.The whole hell is annoying, but nothing new to the franchise.I still have a love-hate relationship with MUT, and this relationship is still active in Madden NF 20.

One year, another Madden

EA Sports Madden found itself in cruise control, or I dare to praise it.Face the reality, we may not see any significant leaps in patents until the next generation of game consoles is available.Instead, Madden fans were forced to play the same games to a large extent as they had played the previous year.Although factor X is a good addition, and new animations, new games, and gameplay for some games have taken the series a step forward, the lack of any significant new additions will damage this year's game.Madden loyal users can buy Madden NFL 20 with as much confidence as they do every year.In itself, this is the best and only NFL experience in town, but I don't blame you for not competing this year.Madden NFL 20 is still only a little better than Madden 19.

Madden NFL 20 managed to solve some of the puzzling problems and make the game play better than before.The ultimate team saw deep improvement, but online games required some work.Madden NFL 20 feels like a game made for Madden's current fans.