Four of the Best Beaches in Australia

This is a place you’ll not want to venture too far from, so come prepared with supplies. Perfectly situated on the exclusive Wooli peninsula in northern New South Wales, Pacific Dawn Beachfront Apartments are just 50 metres from the ocean and a short stroll to the sleepy hamlet of Wooli.

Australia is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and with over 35,000 kilometers of coastline it's really no wonder. There are more than 10,000 beaches ranging from tiny, sheltered rocky outcrops nestled between cliffs, to wide, straight expanses of sand stretching for miles. Some are almost impossible to get to and are completely untouched, while others are the main feature of tourist areas and surrounded by high rise buildings and luxury hotels and accommodation. Below are four of the best beaches in Australia.


Lucky Bay - Esperance


Lucky Bay is located on the south coast of Western Australia in the Cape Le Grand National Park. The closest town is the beautiful coastal town of Esperance, around an hour's drive from Lucky Bay. Lucky Bay has long earned the title of 'the whitest beach in Australia' with pure white sand made up of coral and quartz in a pristine wine glass shaped bay. The stunning combination of the snow-white sand and turquoise water is breathtaking, and the untouched sand dunes and vegetation surrounding the beach are the perfect haven for native wildlife.

Tourists visiting the beach at dusk or dawn might be lucky enough to see the local kangaroos lounging in the sand or feeding at the sands edge. Cape Le Grand National Park is home to numerous another beautiful beaches worthy of a visit, many completely deserted. Nearby Esperance is the best place to stay unless you're happy to pitch a tent in the National Park. There is a great selection of accommodation in Esperance ranging from budget cabin style accommodation right through to motels, apartments and luxury hotels.

Main Beach - Surfers Paradise

In complete contrast to Lucky Bay, Main Beach in Surfers Paradise Queensland is long, wide and straight and surrounded by modern, towering apartment buildings. The beach is at the northern end of over 57 kilometers of stunning surf beaches making up the gold coast. Busy year round, Main Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Australia and a must see for visitors from overseas. The famous gold bikini clad 'Meter Maids' walk the streets topping up parking meters that are about to expire.

The beach is patrolled year-round and is safe for swimming. There are also excellent surf breaks along the stretch of beach that are popular with both visitors and locals alike. The bustling night life, resort style shopping and extensive selection of restaurants and cafes make Main Beach an exciting place to visit. There is a huge range of quality accommodation in Surfers Paradise catering to all tastes and budgets. For those wanting to enjoy the beach but not the crowds, nearby Mermaid Waters accommodation is a great option without the bustle of Surfers Paradise.

Wooli Wooli River, NSW

Wooli is practically an island – a three-kilometer-long finger of land surrounded by the Pacific on one side and the glorious Wooli Wooli River on the other. And so naturally this is a beach town with saltwater in its veins. Incidentally, this section of coastline forms the northern sector of the Solitary Islands Marine Park which protects the estuaries, beaches and islands (from Sandon River to Coffs Harbour), so the ecosystem here is particularly healthy.

The Wooli Beach stretches north to Wilson’s Head and is 4WD accessible.

The beach ends abruptly at the break wall that herds the Wooli Wooli River out to sea, and this southern corner is where a lot of the action happens: Fishing off the wall, surfing the beach breaks, 4WD access, Marine Rescue HQ, wooli holiday accommodation and fishing boats crossing the bar.

Apollo Bay - The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Apollo Bay is a small coastal town, nestled on the eastern side of Cape Otway on the Great Ocean Road. The town is perched between a picturesque swimming beach and a surf beach offering the best of both worlds for visitors. The main beach is safe to swim at and attracts large crowds in the summer months and the nearby surf beach has consistently good surf as it is sheltered from the westerlies. Apollo Bay's location along the Great Ocean Road means there is much to do besides the beach.

The area is known for its excellent fishing and the surrounding Cape Otway National Park provides a great range of activities including the spectacular Otway Fly Treetop Walk, a 30-metre-high walkway through the spectacular giant trees of the Otway National Park. Apollo Bay accommodation is plentiful but with the huge influx of visitors during the summer months, it is best to book well ahead.