How To Lay Pex Fittings Plastic More Safely

Let's introduce the construction specifications of PEX Fittings Plastic

Let's introduce the construction specifications of PEX Fittings Plastic: The use of PEX Crimp Fitting makes pipeline laying safer and more convenient, and correct construction design and installation procedures can maximize the superior performance of the pipeline.
--1. Make technical preparations before construction. Be familiar with the construction drawings, prepare the construction tools, the operators must be trained and qualified, and the pipes and fittings must be checked and accepted first.
--2. The excavation of the pipe trench shall be strictly in accordance with the design drawings or under the guidance of the engineer, and the approval of the relevant departments shall be obtained.
--3. Preparation of the bottom of the pipe trench. For pressure systems like water supply, sewage or long-distance transportation pipelines, unless the design drawings specifically require it, the horizontal accuracy of the bottom of the pipe trench is generally not very demanding, but for gravity drainage systems, the slope The level must meet the specified requirements.
--4. For the laying of pipelines in the pipeline trenches, the pipelines must be thoroughly inspected before they are put into the pipeline trenches. The pipelines are allowed to be hoisted or rolled into the pipeline trenches only if there are no defects in the inspection.
--5. Pipe connection and assembly. The hot melt method of pipe connection in the pipe trench is the same as that on the ground, but the connected pipe must be cooled to the ambient temperature of the soil before connection.
--6. Pipeline pressure test, the pipeline must undergo two pressure tests of strength and water tightness before use.
--7. PEX Crimp Fitting backfilling and tamping. After confirming that the pipeline is in good condition, use a large amount of locally available materials to backfill and ram the trench.