Provide A Professional Supplier Of Fine Mist Sprayer Pump is a wholesale supplier of fine mist sprayer pumps and atomizer sprayers. is a wholesale supplier of fine mist sprayer pumps and atomizer sprayers. Here you can see our sprayer pump or finger sprayer pump series with immersion tube. They are suitable for 20/410, 24/410, and 28/410 size fine mist spray bottles.

  These fine mist sprayer pumps, which are mainly made of polypropylene plastic, can be operated with one finger, thinking and speeding up hair care, air fragrance, pet care, medical use, personal care, perfume adverbial clauses: small-scale liquid cleaning products. If you are looking for a small alternative to the traditional trigger sprayer, sometimes a fine mist sprayer pump or atomizer sprayer is the ideal solution. They have a clear top cover to prevent accidental release of the contained liquid and they have ribbed skirts, making the armor easier to hold when replacing the top cover.

  Remember, you can test the compatibility of the product before ordering. Call our sample application service immediately. Please call + 86-18208610992 to contact our sales team, they will be happy to help you. If you order before 3 pm, you can provide free samples in the next day's delivery. We have sent samples of all items required by the two standards; if you need more samples, please call us.

  For more information about each of our products, just replace the product page and download the specification sheet.

  Our dip tube cutting service

  If the standard stock length of the dip tube on the traction head, fine mist sprayer, or lotion pump is not suitable for the plastic bottle of your choice, then Cambrian Packaging provides trimming services. Pricing is £0.03 per unit and delivery time varies depending on our workload. Please inquire about the order and our customer service team will be happy to be.

  fine mist sprayer pump-complete solution for the spraying product range

  For a complete solution from a quality supplier, it is worth mentioning that we specialize in manual trigger nozzles and dispensers, and provide a wide range of plastic bottles, dispensers, caps, and caps. For example, if you need a small spray bottle for pet care, we can recommend the quietest trigger spray head or spray bottle for you. In addition to providing imported alternative products, we are happy to be the exclusive distributor of the leading manufacturer of trigger nozzles.


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