Majority of UK businesses 'need less than a week' to restart

Survey of owners by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests readiness for when lockdown is eased

According to a weekly survey by the British Chambers of Commerce, the majority of UK business owners would require less than a week to resume operations following the loosening of the government lockdown.

The new BCC tracker survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents who hire fewer than 10 people said they would need less than seven days to get ready. Within seven days, approximately half of respondents who hire more than 50 people will be available. 

One in four of the 540 businesses surveyed said they did not require any notice and 35 percent said they could cope with a less than a seven-day timetable. Just 29 percent were more optimistic, claiming they would like one to three weeks' notice. You can search for any company information here.

Boris Johnson has vowed to outline the options on Sunday to ease the freeze, but it remains uncertain how large or how fast the prime minister wants to open up the economy. Adam Marshall, director-general of the BCC, said he wanted the government to have a national workplace safety strategy, and clarified how travel restrictions would impact workers and the facilities available to employees with family obligations, such as nurseries and schools.

The president of the BCC, Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith, said in a letter to the prime minister that any difference in guidance between nations or regions of the United Kingdom "would confuse companies and their workers, damage others, and must be minimized."